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Looking For A Home With A Finished Basement? 5 Things You Should Consider

A home with a finished basement is a high-ticket item, so it's no surprise that many prospective homeowners are interested in finding a house with the basement space alre...

Thursday, June 30th

Can I Have Radon In My Basement Even If It's Finished?

Thinking of investing in basement finishing, or already have your basement finished, but are worried about radon? Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the...

Thursday, March 3rd

How To Keep Your Basement Floor Warm And Dry

Wet, chilly basement floors are a nuisance and can prevent you from properly utilizing the space. If you're interested in beautiful, waterproof basement flooring--you've ...

Wednesday, January 26th

9 Ways To Brighten Up Your Dark, Dingy Basement!

Basements are classically creepy and unpleasant places, but they don't have to be! With 9 tips and design ideas from the experts at Total Basement Finishing, you can tran...

Monday, October 18th

How To Convert Your Basement Into A Remote Learning Space

With the ongoing pandemic, remote learning is more common than ever. Help the student in your life to get the best education possible during the pandemic with a remote le...

Wednesday, October 6th

Basement Windows 101: What To Know About Installing Egress Windows

There are many considerations to be made when looking into finishing your basement. Of all of the little details to plan out, the basement windows are among the most impo...

Monday, August 30th

Signs You Have A Moisture Problem In Your Finished Basement

With a finished basement, moisture can spell doom. If not found and repaired quickly, a leak or humidity problem can spiral out of control at an incredible pace. Learn ho...

Thursday, June 17th

Why Finishing Your Basement Adds Home Value

Did you know that finishing your basement will add value? Discover your basement type and what you need to create a custom basement that will deliver the value you deserv...

Thursday, May 20th

Home Office Ideas To Incorporate In Your Finished Basement

With more people than ever working from home, the need for a home office is increasing. Here at Total Basement Finishing, we have the creativity and experience to remodel...

Monday, April 26th

Don't Test Your Luck With Drywall. Why Our Waterproofed Basement Walls Are ...

Here at Total Basement Finishing, we know the ins and outs of proper basement remodeling. Drywall is a classic walling material, but it isn't known to stand up to basemen...

Wednesday, March 10th

Small Basement Remodeling Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Small basements can present their own unique problems when it comes to finishing or remodeling a space. In this article, the experts at Total Basement Finishing break dow...

Friday, February 19th

Where To Start When Finishing Your Basement

Here at Total Basement Finishing, we're the basement remodeling experts. With a nationwide network of basement finishing contractors, the experts here at Total Basement F...

Wednesday, January 27th

The Gift of A Finished Basement: Basement Finishing Ideas for The Whole Fam...

This year, the experts here at Total Basement Finishing want to share with you the gift that keeps on giving. Finishing a basement gives you and your family more room to ...

Friday, December 4th

Do I Need To Insulate My Basement Walls?

Here at Total Basement Finishing, basements are our business! From insulating to fully finished space--we're here to share our knowledge about the importance of proper ba...

Thursday, November 12th

What to do Before Finishing a Basement

Here at Total Basement Finishing, we know the importance of proper preparation before committing to a finishing project. We're here to provide a basic list of the prepara...

Friday, August 14th

Do Finished Basements Need a Dehumidifier?

Total Basement Finishing breaks down the reasons that all basements, even finished ones, can benefit from the installation of a quality Dehumidifier.

Tuesday, June 23rd

8 Great Ideas for Your Finished Basement

Need some inspiration for your basement remodeling project? Here are 8 popular design ideas for your finished basement.

Tuesday, June 27th

Upgrading your Basement Laundry Room

Your laundry room is your space to get that daily task of cleaning clothes accomplished. While most laundry rooms are located in a home's basement, many homeowners dread ...

Tuesday, March 21st

At different stages, our needs as homeowners change. Here are six that can make us want or even demand more room.

Friday, March 17th

The ROI of a Basement Remodel

Remodeling the basement is one of the best home improvement projects, adding to your home's value and returning 70% of the cost when it comes time to sell.

Tuesday, March 7th

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